Nicole Taylor is demystifying soul food on this week's edition of Hot Grease! Nicole is joined via the phone lines by soul food scholar and author Adrian Miller! Learn the etymology of the term "soul food", and what distinguishes the cuisine from others influenced by West African food culture. Why is soul food so disparaged in food media? Learn how Adrian uses food to create dialogues around the issue of race. Later, Danielle Bell of de Porres dinner series stops by the studio to talk about the exploding trend of supper clubs in New York City. Hear how Danielle and her partner, Pablo, combine Southern and Peruvian dishes at their dinners to create a unique culinary experience. Find out how de Porres was recently received in Los Angeles, and find out where you can catch a de Porres dinner in Brooklyn! Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's music.



"With this whole foodie movement, there are more young people interested in food. I hope these people don't toss soul food aside, and see it as a cultural artifact." [13:45]

-- Adrian Miller on Hot Grease