Can you really be friends with an ex? What challenges arise when romance shifts to platonic affection? And if you’re fighting hard to keep the friendship going, are you truly over the loss of the mate?

On this week’s show, Jacqueline discusses the intricacies of being friends with an ex with her guest co-host, Jonathan Wiener, who’s currently struggling with how to be friends with the man who hurt his heart. What steps does he need to complete to get himself to a better place? And since Jacqueline’s headed next week to the wedding of the ex she dated for almost a decade, what advice can she share?

Then the team is joined by Steve Viksjo and Lukas Volger, two of the threesome behind Jarry Magazine, a biannual mag that celebrates the art of gay domesticity. What holes in the food media world did they see needed filling? How sustainable are professional relationships in a world where food and drink easily make things feel personal? Have a listen to find out.

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"There's just a lot of really significant figures throughout food history that are gay guys, and their gayness has always been kind of a footnote to their legacy, and we wanted to create a publication that would be a place where you can explore that kind of history and push it forward." [16:10] – Lukas Volger