It's "The Boob Show" on How to Behave, the new show on all about etiquette and behavior. Host Brian Keyser is joined by a panel of guests in an attempt to demystify breast feeding and make it as common place as bottle feeding to a stander by. Is it ok to breast feed in a restaurant? Do cover ups help? Tune in and get insight from three moms with differing opinions on the matter and a team of co-hosts. This program was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.



"I'm not a mom who whips out a boob for all to see while breastfeeding, but even with a cover-up it's awkward." [08:00]

--Anthonette Klinkerman of Courtesy Boot Camp on How to Behave

"I think being aware of your environment is very important. I do have a stronger opinion on breast feeding or even bringing your child into an establishment thats trying to set a mood of luxury, relaxation and romance. For me - children don't belong there." [9:30]

--Marie Pastormerlo on How to Behave