What will happen to the food critic in 2013 and beyond? This week on How to Behave, Brian Keyser and Hannah Howard discuss the topic with two storied food critics- Robert Sietsema and Melissa McCart. Robert Sietsema was recently laid off at the Village Voice due to their cuts to the food criticism content, and now writes freelance for publications like Eater NY. Melissa has written for several newspapers, and currently contributes to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Find out what is considered proper etiquette for a food writer dining at an establishment they are reviewing. Should food writers offer their services for free? Tune into this episode to find out what will happen to foodie culture in the future! This program has been brought to you by Fairway Market. Thanks to Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord for the theme music!



"The only thing that qualifies a person to write about food is taste and taking the time to write about it." [8:50]

-- Robert Sietsema on How to Behave

"Increasingly people will be directed to places like Lucky Peach... there will be fewer opportunities for people to be reading compelling food writing and criticism." [27:05]

-- Melissa McCart on How to Behave