Welcome to How to Behave's discussion of the new Pope, Francis I. Brian Keyser is joined by frequent co-host Hannah Howard and the composer of the How to Behave theme, Jon Lundbom. Author and 'God Grrl' Cathi Falsani calls in to talk with everyone about Pope Francis I's humility, and how he's changing the game in the Vatican. Find out about the Pope's stance on women in the Church, and homosexuality. How does the Pope's Jesuit background affect his politics? Find out on this week's episode of How to Behave! The How to Behave theme is courtesy of Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord. Thanks to our sponsor, The Heritage Meat Shop.

"To see the Pope humble himself in a very visceral way, and to wash the feet of a young, Muslim woman... the literal posture of servanthood seemed to say that he believes women have value." [21:30] -- Cathi Falsani on How to Behave