Brian Keyser and Hannah Howard are here on How to Behave to teach you about wedding etiquette. Joining them via the phone lines is New Orleans-based wedding planner Anthony Lala. Brian is attending a wedding in New Orleans in a few days, and is wondering how the South gets hitched. Tune in to learn about proper wedding attire, and the updates to the wedding gift-giving process. Hear about some New Orleans wedding traditions that might surprise you. Why are people getting married later than in decades past? And why are bridesmaid dresses always so hideous? Find out all of this and more on How to Behave's first installment of the wedding sessions! This program has been sponsored by Roberta's. Theme music has been provided by Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord.


"The typical New Orleans wedding reception is a cocktail-filled affair with enough hors d'ouvres to take the place of the meal." [10:15] -- Anthony Lala on How to Behave