Brian Keyser and Hannah Howard are talking about the recent student protests at the Culinary Institute of America on this week's How to Behave. Recently, students at CIA have claimed that the institution is lowering its standard, thus devaluing the CIA degree. Hear from Will Sears, a CIA graduate, about the school's shifting focus, and how change can be good for wine professionals and those interested in hospitality. Barbara Lang, formerly of Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration and current career educator, calls in to discuss the new curriculum, and acceptable student behavior. Are CIA students just looking to protest like other college-aged individuals, or are their concerns legitimate? Do the new CIA standards allow for more creativity in the culinary field? Find out on this week's episode of How to Behave! Thanks to our sponsor, Hearst Ranch, and thanks to Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord for the How to Behave theme music.

"With every type of college, you need to change your standards based on what your offerings are." [9:10] -- Will Sears on How to Behave

"'Vocational' is not a dirty word... part of the problem in this country is that people don't appreciate a learned skill." [14:00] -- Barbara Lang on How to Behave