Robin Burger and Hot Bread Kitchen are teaching baking and management to women from immigrant communities. On this installment of Good Food, Daniel Meyer calls Robin, the Business Development Manager of Hot Bread Kitchen. Tune into this episode to hear about Robin's background in economics, and how she got involved with the non-profit world. How does the organization take traditional recipes and use them to turn immigrant women into highly employable workers? Learn about Hot Bread Kitchen's dedication to local ingredients and sustainable economic practices. Why are women infrequently seen in restaurant kitchens? Find out the stories of some famous Hot Bread Kitchen alumni, and find out how you can support the organization! Thanks to our sponsor, The International Culinary Center. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's music.


"The primary way we can train more people is to sell more bread." [11:20]

"We are graduating women that just aren't artisan bakers, which is role that is highly demanded... we're training in management skills, as well." [20:00]

-- Robin Burger on Good Food