Stacey Ornstein is teaching kids how to cook and eat healthy food with her new initiative, Allergic to Salad. This week on Good Food, Daniel Meyer invites Stacey into the studio to talk about working with young children in the kitchen. Find out where Stacey holds her classes, and how Allergic to Salad receives its funding. Tune in to hear some of Stacey's stories from the classroom, and how some of her students' culinary skills are surpassing those of their parents! Why are so many children in New York City unfamiliar with fresh ingredients? Learn more about the phenomena of 'food deserts', and why Stacey believes that reforming food policy will help our grocery store shelves. Hear Stacey talk about 'picky eating', and why kids tend to have very particular diets. This program has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's music.


"I really don't believe in kids' menus. Kids should be eating the same things that adults are eating, but in smaller portions." [9:10]

"When you're working with kids, everyday something hilarious happens." [14:30]

"I would love to see subsidies in this country change. Most of the stuff on our grocery store shelves is not food." [20:40]

-- Stacey Ornstein on Good Food