Common Threads is connecting families to food in low income neighborhoods. Tune into this HRN Community Special to hear Erin Fairbanks talk with Linda Novick O'Keefe, the CEO of Common Threads. Founded in 2003 by Chef Art Smith and artist Jesus Salgueiro, Common Threads has been teaching children living in under-served communities how to cook wholesome, healthy meals in professional led, curriculum-based after-school programs for 10 years. Students learn about grains, protein, fruits, and vegetables as they chop, slice, and bake their way to a healthy affordable meal. Students gain serious culinary skills, as taste for healthy food from different countries, and the confidence to make healthy choices about what they eat. Hear how Common Threads has expanded into a national entity, and how and why their curriculum changes from city to city. How does elitism in the food movement prevent people of all backgrounds from connecting to their food source and eating healthily? Tune in to find out! This program has been sponsored by BluePrint Cleanse. Thanks to Brothers NYC for today's music.

"There have been so many studies that show that proper nutrition can help kids stay focused in school... food plays a really pivotal role in how your day goes." [16:20]

-- Linda Novick O'Keefe of Common Threads