Greg Plotkin is a self-described strategist for food and agriculture non-profits. On this edition of Good Food, Daniel Meyer calls Greg to talk about the importance of preserving farmland in the United States. Hear about Greg's introduction to the world of farming and agriculture, and why land access, access to capital, and generational agricultural knowledge are the biggest barriers to new farmers. Find out more about the American Farmland Trust's dedication to smart growth and sound urban planning in order to avoid sprawl and farm loss. Tune in to hear Greg talk about the idea of "Ag in the Middle", and why mid-sized farms need adequate and proper representation. This program has been sponsored by Route 11 Potato Chips. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's music.


"Every state in the country continues to lose farms at an alarming rate... In New York, a farm is lost every three and a half days." [6:35]

"When people think about a farm, they don't assume that it's as difficult to run and maintain as any other business." [15:00]

-- Greg Plotkin on Good Food