This week on Good Works Through Food, Jo Sanson phones in to talk to us about Trickle Up, a nonprofit organization that works with those who are need, especially the most poor in West Africa, Central America, and India. Their mission is to empower people living on less than $1.25 a day to take the first steps out of poverty, providing them with resources to build sustainable livelihoods for a better quality of life. In partnership with local agencies, they provide training and seed capital grants to launch or expand a microenterprise and savings support to build assets. At Trickle Up, Jo Sanson serves as the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, in which some aspects of her job include working with government programs to serve those in need, provide training and livelihood planning, monitoring progress through the use of household surveys and evaluations, and encouraging people to start businesses, farms, and other forms of transformation. Tune-in to learn more about the organization, donate, and help the cause in other ways today. This program has been sponsored by Bonnie Plants.

"It's really important for what a program like this can do for a women's self esteem." [22:04]

"Trickle Up has a very specfic niche of treating the poorest of the poor." [45:03]

-- Jo Sanson on Good Works Through Food