Mariana Cotlear is back from Silicon Valley's Hack//
Meat (organized by Food+Tech Connect and sponsored by Applegate and GRACE Communications Foundation) hack-a-thon and is here to report her experiences on this HRN Community Session! Learn about the impetus for the event, and why scaling sustainable meat is important to the future. Kevin Watt of Early Bird Ranch and Emily Wang, MBA candidate at the University of Chicago, teamed up to create Farm Stacker, an avenue to connect farmers to land access. Tune in to hear Kevin and Emily talk about the atmosphere of the event, and how their initiative took off. Who is the target audience for Farm Stacker, and what are Kevin and Emily's next development steps? Destin Layne of the GRACE Communications Foundation calls into the program to talk about why Hack//Meat is an important endeavor for her organization. Hear about Destin's opinions regarding the socialization of issues of antibiotics and educating consumers! Matthew Rothe of Stanford's FEED Collaborative talks about the design thinking concerns of sustainable food. This program has been sponsored by Fairway Market. Thanks to Idgy Dean for today's music.


"It started as a trickle, but we saw more and more people become interested in our idea, and they were ready to jump right in!" [7:05]

-- Kevin Watt of Early Bird Ranch on Hack//Meat