Chef Emily Peterson is a Jill-of-all-trades in the food world! On this HRN Community Session, Eddie Shumard sits down with culinary educator Emily Peterson of the Astor Center in New York City, to speak with her about her latest updates in the food world. Emily Peterson combined her love of cooking with a Master's in Teaching and walked away from a career in educational administration, returning to her roots in the kitchen. In 2008, she started the blog The Gourmand & The Peasant as an online resource for recipes and tutorials. Emily also attended the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, and has worked extensively with wine importers and is thrilled to bring her fearless approach to cooking, eating and drinking to the Astor Center. While her heart lies in sustainability and the local food movement, she also recognizes the value of a good imported bottle of olive oil and is always seeking new inspirations from around the globe. On this week's episode, learn how Heritage Foods USA is joining with The Astor Center and Chef Emily Peterson for the "Grilling and Swilling for the Summer Event," which pairs the amazing Heritage meats with red wine (courtesy of sommelier Kimberly Severson), grilling and barbecue secrets, and good company. Learn more and purchase tickets at the link below! Thanks to our sponsor, Hearst Ranch.

Hot Weather Reds and Heritage Meats: Grilling and Swilling for the Summer

"Growing up, I had a very fun culinary playground and the chance to explore- and that's how I teach." [11:25]

-- Chef Emily Peterson of The Astor Center