On this HRN Community Session, Leah Eden sits down with Matt Spolar, reporter for Retro Report. Retro Report is a media outlet that revisits new stories of the past to make sense of the present. Leah and Matt talk about Matt’s recent story on the “Flavr Savr”, a genetically modified tomato from 1994 that promised taste. How have plant geneticists changed the focus of their work, and how does this change reflect today’s needs and economics? Later, Leah and Matt dish on the current state of media, and how the digital revolution is causing journalists to rethink past reporting strategies. This segment has been sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery. Thanks to takstar for today’s music.

“This is taking it a step further- when you go into the lab to introduce DNA that’s not even part of the species before the lab work.” [10:20]

“That was the idea for Retro Report – let’s learn from the past.” [13:00]

Matt Spolar of Retro Report