Jonathon Keats is a conceptual artist and experimental philosopher known for creating large-scale thought experiments. Jonathon Keats works like a science fiction writer, creating alternate universes that cause questioning of conventions. sits down with Jonathon for a very special Food Art Profile in which Jonathon deconstructs food institutions such as the restaurant experience. Find out how Jonathon uses food like travel in order to experience culture. Hear about his photosynthetic restaurant that tweaks and regulates light to create abnormal experiences for plants. How did Jonathan choreograph a ballet for honeybees? Tune into this Food Art Profile to find out more about the absurd world of Jonathon Keats. Thanks to our sponsor, Tekserve.

“Food is an essential part of my life because I not only love to eat, but it allows me to explore the world, and see the world within.” [4:00]

“Spice is a way that a plant frightens something that’s trying to eat it.” [9:50]

“Having dance simply for the sake of dance struck me as something that honeybees might enjoy.” [16:20]

Experimental Philosopher Jonathon Keats