The food industry mourns Marcella Hazan, who passed away on September 29, 2013. Marcella was an Italian cookery writer who wrote in English. Her cookbooks are credited with introducing the public in the United States and Britain to the techniques of traditional Italian Cooking. She was widely considered by chefs and fellow food writers to be one of the foremost authorities on Italian cuisine. The Heritage Radio Network remembers Marcella through by asking our fellow community to speak more on her influence in the food industry, and her keep it simple approach to cooking. This program has been sponsored by International Culinary Center.


"Marcella's books were the ones that always made things clear for me. Her recipes were simple and let the ingredients show through."

-- Linda Pelaccio on HRN Prime

"The first food story I ever wrote was a profile of Marcella Hazan. She put people in their place if they didn't respect Italian food." [4:30]

-- Nancy Harmon Jenkins on HRN Prime