Written by Erin Fairbanks and Jack Inslee
With help from: Sari Kamin
Inspirations: Kanye West and Alice Paul

I am a god
Hurry up with my mis en place
Hurry up with my equal jobs
Get me on the phone with Bill de Blas
I am a god
Even though I'm a woman of god
My whole life in the hands of god
So Ya'll better quit playing with god

Soon as they wife you make'em unwife you
Kissing people ass is so unlike you
Not every kitchen is run by white dudes
So here's a few strong ass women to fight you
And I don't wanna hear bout what excites you
Listen up here's a few facts to right you
Old media still in high school
Since the pink clogs they never like you
Dressed in whites with my hair pulled back
But everybody know we brought food back
Noone had swag, we the next track
Chang, Redzepi, Atala fuck that
Cohen, Alice, Lo is shinning
We in this bitch, time to change the climate

Cooking this bitch mad stars is my shine
Until the day we on the cover of Time