Before each episode of Bushwick Podcast, you hear a message from an organization called Heritage Radio Network, or HRN. Even if that name is new for you, the organization is anything but. HRN has spent the past decade here in the neighborhood making shows like ours possible—while building one of the world’s most unique audio archives from a secret recording studio tucked inside a storage container within Roberta’s Pizza.

This week, we sit down with two of the leaders behind HRN to learn more about their work, and their mission to give important new voices a platform to reach listeners around the world.


We’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to Caity and Patrick for sharing more about HRN’s history, and it’s work here in the community.

To learn more about HRN, you can visit their website at or get in touch directly at [email protected] And if you’re interested in connecting with one of the most dynamic communities in local media, food, and audio, join us at the HRN 10 Year Anniversary Gala on November 11th at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Find out more at

We’d of course, also like to thank you so much for joining us this week. We’ll be back with another story you won’t want to miss, but in the meantime, we’d love to know what you’re interested in hearing, and how we can do better. Get in touch by emailing us at [email protected], or by DM’ing us on our instagram ( We can’t wait to hear from you, and we’ll see you soon.

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