This week on Japan Eats, host Akiko Katayama is in studio with Sebastian Beckwith, owner at In the Pursuit of Tea. In Pursuit of Tea is a company with the mission to explore remote, traditional areas of tea production and find the finest teas available. In this episode, Sebastian talks about his experience working with and distributing tea to restaurants, the history of tea and the fascinating process of how different teas are made, how to differentiate different varieties and where they come from.


"You can have many steeps of tea from the same leaf [loose leaf] and get different flavors coming from each steep."  [15:45]

"People think of matcha as just powdered green tea,[...] it certainly is not." [32:45]

The Sencha, we thought always paired well with dark chocolate... [41:00]

--Sebastian Beckwith on Japan Eats