If Sicilian wine piques your interest – today’s episode of In the Drink is for you! Hear from wunderkind wine guy George Hock, Wine Director and General Manager of the newly opened Barchetta. Barchetta, Italian for ‘little boat’ captures the charms of the Mediterranean seaside. An Italian seafood trattoria, Barchetta is a partnership between Esca’s acclaimed Chef & Partner Dave Pasternack and John Meadow’s LDV Hospitality. Pasternack brings his passion of sourcing the freshest ingredients of the sea and expertise of Italian cuisine to Barchetta’s intimate yet bustling atmosphere inspired by the communal charm of the rustic trattoria experience. This program was brought to you by Michter’s

“We’re encouraging people to step out of the box.” [21:30]

“All of Italy is esoteric if you think about it – every region and town has its own grapes meant to go with its own food.” [28:00]

–George Hock on In the Drink