Today's guest on In the Drink is wine legend Bruno De Conciliis. The Cilento region in southern Campania is not exactly known for winemaking. Bruno De Conciliis is one of those pioneers who set up vineyards in the beautiful coastal landscape. The vineyard's founding year is 1995 and Bruno De Conciliis, supported by his father Alessandro, succeeds in giving the wines of the Domaine a very clear profile during the very first decade of its existence. De Consiliis chooses the two main varieties of the best-known wine region, the Avellino province in Campania, which is situated at the foothills of the Apennine Mountains, to plant them in the milder climate of the coastal region. The talented winemaker succeeds in making spicy, warm white wines from the variety Fiano. From the variety Aglianico he produces both a fruity, light red table wine ("Donnaluna") and a storage type that is full of character ("Naima"). This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley.


"[Wine] is only a matter of the mood of the wine grower and the winemaker. To be safe would be easy. To set up a protocol and always do the same thing, you would get the same thing -- but is this what we want? I want each single bottle of each single vintage shown differently, telling its own story." [28:00]

--Bruno De Conciliis on In the Drink