This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by Giuseppe Ippolito, proprietor of the Du Cropio estate in Ciro Marina (Calabria) & Blake Johnson of Rosenthal Imports. Du Cropio in local dialect means “doctor of agronomy” and reflects the fact that the Ippolito family has long been involved in the growing of grapes in the region. The estate encompasses a total of thirty (30) hectares, eight (8) of which are on the plains immediately inland from and within the confines of the town of Ciro Marina and twenty-two of which are tucked into the hillsides surrounding the village of Ciro, several more miles inland and at a considerably higher elevation. The soil, a mix of clay and limestone, is poor with excellent drainage which is reinforced by the steeply sloped hillside vineyards, conditions that are ideal for producing small crops of highly concentrated fruit. Most of the grapes harvested at the estate are sold either at the time of harvest or as bulk wine thereafter. Then, the finest wines are kept to be vinified at the estate and sold as “Du Cropio”. This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley.


“Wine is produced in the vineyards – not in the cellars – this is the secret.” [17:00]

–Giuseppe Ippolito on In the Drink