This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by mixologist/bartender Adam Schuman, formerly of Fatty Cue and currently with Michael Skurnik Wines. Adam explains how he found his way to the bar after seeking out a career in the kitchen and how it's worked out so well for him. Hear how savory tastes have been playing into drinks and find out what drinks and wines are exciting Adam lately. Adam and Joe talk about everything from Calavados to Riesling and gives listeners the inside track on fall drinks and beverage trends. This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.


"When I approach cocktails, it's the same as I would food. You use a base of ingredients and recipes that are tried and true and finding the delicate balance between sweet, sour and savory." [3:35]

"As the American public becomes more informed on flavors, you're seeing savory pop up more. People love spice, and salt and exotic ingredients." [5:38]

"What doesn't sound good about apple, cognac, ginger and calvados. These are flavors that warm my loins!" [21:58]

--Adam Schuman of Michael Skurnik Wines on In the Drink