This week’s guest on In the Drink is AJ Ojeda-Pons. AJ, sommelier of The Lambs Club, brings a wealth of knowledge and style to all he serves. His passionate enthusiasm for the craft of winemaking is contagious to diners and wine enthusiasts alike. AJ, winner of GQ’s “Best Dressed Sommelier” award, brings his sense of style & his belief that one should “drink champagne every day” everywhere he goes. David Lombardo, wine and beverage director for Benchmarc Restaurants, crafted his own wine education through tasting, reading and traveling to wine regions throughout Europe and the United States and his devotion to the wine experience is evident throughout the famous wine lists he oversees at Landmarc (Tribeca & Columbus Circle), Ditch Plains and Kingside. David and AJ’s bios are attached for your reference. This program was brought to you by Visit Napa Valley.

“I like to be able to offer a little bit of everything. Sometimes people aren’t looking to commit to a whole bottle of wine during dinner.” [20:00]

–AJ Ojeda-Pons on In the Drink