Let's face it: America's alcohol laws are confusing. What's true for one state is rarely true for its neighbor. This week on In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is quelling the commotion with guest Niki Ganong, author of the brand new book, "The Field Guide to Drinking in America: A Traveler's Handbook to State Liquor Laws." Kicking off the show, Joe asks what prompted Niki to take this particular approach to a beverage and travel book, which mixes together a survey of each state's history with alcohol along with the current laws of the land, expertly blending it with the right amount of humor and sass. Joe also inquires about the the regional state of mind and beliefs when alcohol legislation comes about and how laws have shaped the beverage industry. What are some of the wackiest alcohol laws on the books? What are the newest drink trends? How do you fill a beer growler in California? Tune in for informative tidbits and highlights of "The Field Guide to Drinking in America." This program was brought to you by Michters.


"Before prohibition New York had a thriving spirits and beer industry and then during prohibition that acreage was no longer used for the grain that you need to make beer and spirits. So, they lost hop varieties." [17:08]

"You can't ride a horse drunk in Colorado! And please don't feed the moose beer in Alaska." [20:48]

--Niki Ganong on In the Drink