This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale is joined by David Lombardo, Wine and Beverage Director for Benchmarc Restaurants and James Horn, Beverage Director at Landmarc Restuarant. While not classically trained as a Sommelier, Lombardo crafted his own wine education through tasting, reading and traveling to wine regions throughout Europe and the united states, and his knowledge of and enthusiasm for the wine experience is evident throughout the famous wine lists he oversees at Landmarc [Tribeca], Ditch Plains and Landmarc [at the Time Warner Center]. Lombardo also acts as an adjunct instructor in wine for the Institute of Culinary Education, and has also appeared on Kelly Choi’s Eat Out NY as a wine consultant. Credentials aside, it’s the attitude surrounding wine that makes Benchmarc Restaurants ‐‐ and Lombardo ‐‐ known for their approach to wine. This program was brought to you by Michter’s.

“For me its great to pair a great steak with a great Bordeaux but because of flexibility with half bottles you can step ourside of your comfort zone.” [14:00]

“We didn’t want to have a hotel restaurant – we wanted to have a restuarnat that happened to be in a hotel.” [20:00]

–David Lombardo on In the Drink