We're talking whiskey this week on In the Drink, as host Joe Campanale is joined by "The Whisky Woman", Allison Patel. Allison Patel is the founder of Manhattan-based Local Infusions, which imports and exports fine spirits such as whiskey. She is also a passionate blogger on The Whisky Woman, writing about everything from cocktails to great whiskeys, bourbons, American distilleries and more. Tune in and hear how she fell in love with whiskey and what she's doing to advance the category - both in production and appreciation! This program was sponsored by This program was sponsored by Susty Party.

"Its scary to launch something that's a new profile to a category, but also very exciting and rewarding to the consumers." 11:00

"The only way to not drink whiskey is to not drink it at all." [14:00]

--Allison Patel, "The Whisky Woman", on In the Drink