Adam Ford, a lawyer by profession, is the founder of Atsby New York Vermouth and is in studio with Joe Campanale for this week's episode of In the Drink. Inspired by a vermouth he tasted in Italy, Adam relays that he then sought to create an American vermouth using local, artisanal ingredients. In the process of researching the perfect combination of botanicals for his product, he discovered the long-forgotten history of what was once America's most glamorous spirit, and so his new book, "Vermouth: The Revival of the Spirit That Created America's Cocktail Culture" was born. Ford lives in New York City with his family and produces his vermouth on the North Fork of Long Island. Looking for cocktail inspiration? Tune in to this great episode! This program was brought to you by Michter's.

"When I was studying vermouth and figuring out how make it, no one was talking about wormwood, and my understanding was that it was somewhat of a relic. So when I made my vermouth, I didn't use it... I didn't realize it was going to start this big debate!" [12:02]

"Vermouth has a ten-thousand year old history!" [19:36]

--Adam Ford on In the Drink