Fresh off Tasting Table's "Best Cocktails of 2012" feature, editor Tressa Eaton joins Joe Campanale on this week's episode of In the Drink to tell listeners which cocktails, bars and neighborhoods stood above the rest this year. Learn what makes the East Village such a drinking destination spot, and how molecular gastronomy has found its way into bars like Booker & Dax and changed the landscape of high-end cocktails. From picklebacks to modern classics - find out where to drink the city's best and what trends are emerging. Also tune in and find out how to make your own Basil Bixby at home! This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.


"We did this [Best Cockails List] in each of our city editions - so if you're traveling you can look at our lists in LA, Chicago, and more to see what you should be drinking in those cities!" [23:40]

-- Tressa Eaton, Editor of Tasting Table, In the Drink