Small distilleries are becoming more and more popular in New York City, and this week on "In the Drink", Joe Campanale highlights one of the more interesting projects happening right now - Industry City Distilleries. Tune in as he chats with Peter Simon and Zac Bruner, who describe the inspiration behind the distillery and what it was like taking the initial steps in design and production. Find out why they decided to focus on vodka at first - and how they use beet sugar, which is usually a European tradition. Tune in for an on-air tasting and tons of insight into the life of an urban distiller. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.

"For us if we wanted to actually test our equipment - the best test is to make a good vodka. Then, you can go anywhere from there." [09:00]

"We're caring more and more about our food and now people are starting to care more about what we're drinking." [15:00]

--Peter Simon of Industry City Distillery on In the Drink