How does one go from neuroscience and classical piano to a career in wine? Find out on "In the Drink", as Joe Campanale is joined by Thomas Pastuszak, wine director of NoMad. He shares his experiences with wines from lesser known regions such as The Finger Lakes and explains why we are entering the golden age for fine wines being made in New York State. Find out all about varietals, blends and specific regions that are making their way onto high end wine lists. Hear how service is a priority at the NoMaD and get some insight from one of the brightest wine personalities in New York right now! This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center.


"When you see people making world class wine - you can't help but get excited about that and get excited about the region [The Finger Lakes]." [7:00]

"I consider myself a hospitalitarian first and foremost and that's how I approach everything. It just so happens that the world of wine blew me away." [19:00]

--Thomas Pastuszak, Wine Director at NoMaD on In the Drink