Restauranteur and self-proclaimed "Serial Entrepreneur" William Tigertt is this week's guest on In the Drink. He's the man behind Freeman's, Peels & Gothic Wines. Learn how he went from a rural town in Southwestern Michigan to launching Sigma Six, a multi-media design agency, while still an undergraduate! Hear what's it like building restaurants in NYC why wine plays such an important role in the conceptual approach. Later on, William explains why he started Gothic wines, a collection of cool climate wines sourced from the best wine growing regions of America. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.


"The wine world is a vast world and a great way to be creative and meet people and travel." [14:00]

"We take inspiration from Gothic literature - we're looking at that kind of feeling and atmosphere." [26:00]

--William Tigertt on In the Drink