Bill Fitch, wine director of Vinegar Hill House and recently opened Hillside talks about his experiences in the wine industry. He discusses the trends of wine, especially in Brooklyn and the Brooklyn food and wine scene. Bill had to have surgery to gain a sense of smell, and upon gaining his sense of scent, was obsessed with smell which led him to wine. In Portland Oregon, he had his first wine related job in a wine cellar, learning all he could about wines. He came to NYC in 1998 and worked at Il Bucco. Soon after, he began putting together wine lists for various NYC restaurants. Currently, he splits his time between Paris and New York City. Today's show was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

"I was a kindergarten teacher in the Waldorf and Montessori method... I The enthusiasm is learned and picked up by the children. I like that, everyone is in a certain stage of their wine education." [23:00]

--Bill Fitch on In the Drink