Ivan Ramen is one of the most anticipated restaurant openings in NY right now, and the team behind the Japanese-inspired Clinton Street noodle-outfit joins Joe Campanale on this week's episode of In the Drink. Meet ramen-guru and owner of Ivan Ramen, Ivan Orkin, General Manager Bill Reed, who is also partner at Brooklyn Star, and chef Mike Bergemann. The three explain the concept behind Ivan Ramen and share their love for Japanese noodle dish and the culture that surrounds it. From slurping techniques to the timing and temperature of ramen, learn how to best enjoy the satiating broth and noodle dish. Tune in as they taste some ramen on air and give listeners and sneak peak at what to expect when Ivan Ramen opens! This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market. Break music provided by Jerome LOL.

"There's funkier tripe in New York than anything I ate in Japan." 20:00

Mike Bergemann of Ivan Ramen on In the Drink

"There are different kinds of ramen. I tend to like a cleaner flavor. I'm a chef, so I like to send people home feeling good. I want the people I feed to have their mood uplifted. I tend to use less fat [in my ramen]." 27:00

Ivan Orkin of Ivan Ramen on In the Drink

"Ramen is supposed to be eaten loud. There's an art of slurping." [28:00]

--Bill Reed of Ivan Ramen on In the Drink