Giuseppe Vaira is a second-generation winemaker at his family's winery, G.D. Vajra. Growing up in Piedmont, Italy, surrounded by beautiful vineyards, Giuseppe knew he wanted to work in wine. He planted his first vineyard at 15 and a year later, began working harvest. He graduated from the University of Torino in 2009 with a degree in viticulture and winemaking and since then has gradually assumed winemaking responsibilities.

G.D. Vajra was founded in 1972 by Giuseppe's parents, Aldo and Milena, and remains a family affair. The winery was named after Giuseppe's grandfather, Giuseppe Domenico - all management and viticulture decisions are made by the family. For more than 40 years, this humble, hard-working family has produced soulful and honest expressions of Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato and Riesling. Their guiding philosophy is simple - they are not modern, they are not traditional. They craft sensitive, transparent wines of place by patiently allowing the wine to dictate its own evolution.

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"Piedmont started to deliver quality, once people became farmers of their own." [8:50]

"A great wine is never too young to be drunk." [29:53]

-- Giuseppe Vaira on In the Drink