Philip Ward was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and found himself in New York and beginning to make his way in the bar and cocktail industry in June of 2002 at Flatiron Lounge. Since that time he has come to regarded as one of the foremost Mixologists in the world and has been not just influential in the growth of the cocktail renaissance in New York, but throughout the country and maybe just a bit of the world. Beginning as a barback at Flatiron Lounge, he would later spend the next three years under the tutelage of Julie Reiner, eventually growing to become head bartender. In September of 2005, Philip moved downtown to SoHo to help Audrey Saunders open the much anticipated Pegu Club. Philip would next spend a year and half at the Pegu Club, also as head bartender. On New Year's Eve in 2007 Philip began his career behind the bar of what he would make the renowned Death and Company in the East Village. Death and Company was Philip's first opportunity to build his own program, pick his own backbar, and design and create his own cocktail menu. Death and Company was quickly recognized and remains one of the most esteemed cocktail bars in the world. In April of 2009, Philip opened his first bar Mayahuel. Mayahuel is a celebration of all things Mexico, and is an unprecedented regionally focused cocktail bar, reinventing what Tequila was made to be, and helping place Mezcal firmly on the map and conscience of the world. Interested in learning more about tequila, mezcal, or simply cocktails in general? Tune-in to this week's episode of In the Drink today! This program has been sponsored by BluePrint Cleanse. Thanks to PEELS for today's music.


"One of the most important things in the bar business is that your bar is set up well. It's all about the efficiency of the bartender." [10:30]

"Any bartender that wants to be a good bartender - has to read the classics. You gotta read the old books. Balance and structure is the most important part of bartending." [28:20]

-- Philip Ward on In the Drink