On a special episode of In the Drink, the topic switches from wine into beer, with guests Rudy Tauscher and Andreas Heidenreich of Paulaner Brewery. The duo are right on the verge of opening the first Brauhaus in New York City, opening in the Lower East Side on Bowery St. Andreas Heidenreich is the Brewmaster of Paulaner Brauhaus, and has been brewing beer since his early teens in Germany. Heidenreich has also spent over nine years in Asia, where he has been involved in the opening of Paulaner Brauhaus and Restaurant in Shenyang, China. For over 20 years, Rudy Tauscher climbed the hotel industry ladder working for some of the world's top luxury hotels including Le Bristol in Paris, The Palace in Sun City in South Africa, Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, Peninsula, Trump International and most recently Mandarin Oriental, New York. Last year, Tauscher set out on a completely different career path as President and Founder of Paulaner's first microbrewery and restaurant in the U.S. This program has been sponsored by MOOD Magazine.


"The trends in the United States is going back to high quality beers, and all of them have come back to such amazing operations." [6:05]

--Rudy Tauscher on In the Drink

"We brew four to six times per week. Our beer is unfiltered, so it's much more flavorful." [25:03]

-- Andreas Heidenreich on In the Drink