Co-founder of Best Cellars, Joshua Wesson is one of the most highly sought after wine talents in the industry. Mr. Wesson is a leading authority on the pairing of wine and food. Tune in to this week's episode of In the Drink as host Joe Campanale talks with Josh about everything from sparkling wine to the history of sommoliers in New York City. Find out what Josh enjoys drinking the most and what makes a good wine and food pairing. Hear about his wine retail business with Best Cellars and get some great insight from one of the most well respected authorities on wine in the country. This program was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA


"I'm completely devoted to getting people excited about what they eat and drink and bringing them to the promise dland of deliciosness." 2:00

"If i was shipwrecked on a desert island and could olny have one bottle, it would be a sparkling red wine with a little sweetness." 11;00

--Joshua Wesson on In the Drink