Skye LaTorre serves up fine wine knowledge in a causal setting as the Beverage Director at The Meatball Shop! This week on In the Drink, Joe Campanale sits down with Skye to talk about her storied history in the restaurant business. How did a stint at Emeril's Delmonico in New Orleans inspire Skye to get serious about wine? Hear about Skye's time at A16 in San Francisco, and how she got connected with Daniel Holzman and designed the wine list for The Meatball Shop. What are the advantages of curating beverages at a casual dining joint like The Meatball Shop? Hear more about Skye's dedication to tasting, and why her interest in local spirits is fueled by Old World wine traditions. This program has been brought to you by The International Culinary Center. Music by Dead Stars.


"It's hard to articulate what you want in terms of a wine list, so it's great to work with people who you know and know what they want." [10:10]

"Don't put champagne on a Meatball Shop wine list in Brooklyn- it won't work!" [12:00]

"I wish we could speak about wine in the way that friends speak about football." [20:10]

-- Skye LaTorre on In the Drink