What’s goin on with American wine right now? Tune in to this week’s episode of In the Drink as Joe Campanale is joined by two forward thinking restauranteurs making waves in Brooklyn – Bill Reed of Brooklyn Star and Doug Crowell of Buttermilk Channel Restaurant. Both restaurants feature entirely American wine lists, which makes for some logistical challenges but an incredibly delicious beverage program. Learn about wines from places as overlooked as Idaho and Arizona and discover the unique terroir that comes from micro-climates across the country. From price points to tasting notes, this episode will teach everybody something new about American wines. This program was sponsored by Rolling Press.


“America has made a big step beyond California. It’s growing so fast – New York is now the number 2 wine growing region in the states!” [05:03]

“It doesn’t take long for these American wines to get from vine to glass – which is something really special.” [26:52]

–Bill Reed of Brooklyn Star on In the Drink

“People are really interested in trying new wines in Brooklyn – which makes our job easier”. [11:52]

“You might expect a price advance from selling wines from this country […] but ironically wines from America can actually be more expensive.” [18:40]

–Doug Crowell of Buttermilk Channel Restaurant on In the Drink