Meet Mia Van de Water, the wine director at North End Grill. In 2014, Mia passed the Advanced Sommelier Exam from the Court of Master Sommeliers. Mia had the distinction of receiving the highest score in her group, and earned the Rudd Scholarship, which is offered by the Guild of Sommeliers. During her time at North End Grill, Mia has overseen the expansion of the wine list from 120 to 240 selections, with a focus on cool, off-the-beaten-path American bottles that include rare, little known grapes being made really well for a reasonable price. She has also created a beverage education program has turned into a major part of why aspiring restaurateurs and sommeliers come to work at North End Grill. Tune in to this week's episode of In the Drink and hear Mia's story, what she enjoys drinking and what she tries to accomplish with the program at North End Grill. This program was sponsored by Michter's.

"Over time as you explore different types of wine it's good to find out what you like best and concentrate on that. There's a lot of wines out there from lesser known regions that won't cost as much to buy." [23:00]

"While the current demographic is certainly weighted more towards men, I think that the momentum and the amount of women working in wine is expanding in a really great way." [27:00]

--Mia Van de Water on In the Drink