This week's on In the Drink, host Joe Campanele is joined by winemaker, master sommelier and beverage expert Richard Betts, who's latest ventures include Sombra Mezcal, "The Essential Scratch n Sniff Guide to Wine Expertise" & two new wines - St. Glinglin & The Essential. Hear about why terroir is so important in mezcal production and how mass-produced tequila masked the original brilliance and delicate flavor profile of mezcal. Hear Richard's thoughts on the current state of Bordeaux and why he thinks it should be affordable and drank by all. Richard reminds listeners that everybody should feel good about having a glass of wine with lunch, and enjoying life to the fullest! This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.


"I had no expectation that anybody was ready for this [Sombra Mezcal] but me - that's how I approach all my projects."

"It's not about the superstar chef or sommelier - it's about the superstar guest. Our job is more about helping people understand what they love, than of telling them what they should love."

"The table is never truly set until there's wine on it."

"I'm old enough to remember when Bordeaux was affordable and we all drank it."

--Richard Betts on In the Drink