Tune in to a seafood themed episode of In the Drink as host Joe Campanale is joined by Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli, General Manager at the highly-anticipated Island Creek Oyster Bar and Megan Parker-Gray, Beer Director at Row 34. The mission behind both establishments is simple - to welcome guests to get to know their oyster grower, harvester, winemaker, distiller, brewer, and fisherman. One meal at a time. Both eateries are under the same umbrella and Tom and Megan give listeners some insights into what goes into the beverage decisions at oyster bars! This program was brought to you by Michter's.


"It's really important to have a list that's constantly in motion, the same way we approach our oysters - constantly changing based on freshness and availability." [09:00]

--Megan Parker-Gray on In the Drink

"We're so luck because all of our owners push the envelope but do it in a way that's driven by the people who are part of our restaurant group." [13:00]

--Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli on In the Drink