On today's episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we distinguish the difference between the modes and mediums of ingredients with food scientist Ali Bouzari, in his book, INGREDIENT. Have you ever wondered why popcorn pops, or how to cook a juicy steak, well, you're talking about WATER; it expands as steam, and releases when bitten. Did you know that SUGARS aren’t just sweet, they're also the reasons food browns when heated which includes sautéed onions to roasted coffee beans, and even aged balsamic vinegar. CARBOHYDRATES, LIPIDS, PROTEINS, MINERALS, GASES and HEAT round out the 8 ingredients that act as x-ray vision for Bouzari. He provides illustrations and infographics for insightful cooks, who what to know how chicharrons puff when fried and why Doritos are the most savory thing ever.

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