Food trucks are rolling statements about some the values Americans hold dearest: independence, entrepreneurship, and mobility. Authenticity. Creativity. Affordability. With the movement growing so fast across the nation, it was only a matter of time before school food innovators started getting in on it. Today we profile two programs in sunny Florida, where hip new trucks can work year-round, winning teenage converts for healthy school meals.

"The students are more aligned to things they can see being made. They feel that because they can see people working on the truck and the items being assembled that it's different from what they're being served in the cafeteria. Some of them are floored to discover that it's the exact same product."

--Jennifer Smith on Inside School Food

"Jacksonville has become a stronghold for food trucks. There's a large buzz around town about them... We use our food trucks not just at school but at community events, to spread the gospel of school food. It's stealth approach."

--Brian Giles on Inside School Food