In West Virginia, many children suffer from levels childhood poverty, hunger, and obesity well above the national average. To meet this troubling challenge, the state’s Department of Education has been exceptionally energetic in its top-down efforts to win student acceptance of healthier menus while eliminating costly inefficiencies in the system. Is it working? Rick Goff, Executive Director of the Office of Child Nutrition, says it is. Join us to hear about his compelling testimony before the Senate Agriculture Committee last month, in its first hearing related to CNR 2015. This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

“We had to do something [about childhood obesity]. We could no longer turn a blind eye to our school food systems.” [07:00]

“We want to do what’s in the child’s best interest.At the end of the day, that will be our guiding principle.” [10:00]

“You can’t just have a healthy room in a building, the whole building has to be healthy.” [12:00]

“I think you’ll see a day when the meal service is treated just like the rest of the learning experience.” [38:00]

–Rick Goff on Inside School Food