Get more Instagram followers by building a better feed. Michael Harlan Turkell, professional photographer and host of HRN’s The Food Seen, shares his pro-tips on taking good photos and how to use all effects toolbox. Gillie Houston of Yahoo Food talks about how she got to 40.1K followers, and how to get more. Follow the feeds: @HarlanTurk @TheFoodSeen @GillieHouston @YahooFood @TechBitesHRN @Heritage_Radio

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"The real benefit lies in hashtags is community based hashtags... you have the chance of being re-grammed by the big people." [13:00] 

--Gillie Houston on Tech Bites

"The hashtag is great because it archives, it is searchable." [27:35]

--Michael Harlan Turkell on Tech Bites