This week, I chat with owner & head chef at Naija Buka Seattle, a Nigerian food company based out of Kent, Washington State. Her goal is to introduce everyone to the awesomeness of Nigerian dishes. In this episode, we discuss our mutual love/like relationship with Seattle and Lilian's:

  1. Journey from Nigeria to Seattle
  2. Early cooking experiences with her grandma back home in Nigeria
  3. First job in the US working at Nordstrom and how she transitioned into a culinary entrepreneur
  4. Participation in the Food Innovation Network's Food Business Incubator and
  5. The various components of Naija Buka including pop up events, catering, new meal kits

Find Naija Buka Seattle online: Tickets to Sunday Rice Traditions event here. Interested in promoting your food product/service/event? Send details in an audio file to: yorm at essense 13 dot comListen to S3 E1 for guidelines on what to share in your file.

Naija Buka Seattle

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