On this installment of It's More Than Food, Michel Nischan talks with Karen Washington, Maria Hines, and Dorothy Hamilton- all advocates for women within the realm of food. Karen Washington is a community activist and co-founder of Black Urban Growers. As a community gardener and board member of the New York Botanical Gardens, Karen has worked with Bronx neighborhoods to turn empty lots into community gardens. Maria Hines is the owner and chef of Tilth, Golden Beetle, and Agrodolce in Seattle, and an supporter of local farms and sustainable practices. Dorothy Hamilton is the founder and CEO of the International Culinary Center, a culinary institute with campuses in New York, California, and Italy, where students learn all ranges of culinary technique. In this episode, we explore the backgrounds of each of these renowned members of the food industry, and the history behind women in the food movement. Each guest also gives us a current update on their work: Karen expresses her desire to sit down with the community and create a healthier food system for the city, Maria aims to build a society aware of healthy, sustainable foods, and Dorothy talks about teaching her students about building a restaurant that is focused on being on responsible, sourcing locally, and supporting the mid-size farm movement. Tune in for another remarkable episode! As always, thanks to Wholesome Wave for presenting today's program. Thanks to Four Lincolns for today's musical break.


"In this urban farming movement, women are out there in the trenches... Women are leaving the kitchen and going back into the field to really connect to where their food is coming from." [4:45]

"If we're talking about a food system that's sustainable and accessible for all, then the doors must be open for all." [16:05]

-- Karen Washington on It's More Than Food

"As the woman head of this school, I have always seen about 50% of our student body comprised of women, and pastry classes have always been 80-90% women." [12:50]

"What we want and expect from young chefs today is responsibility." [45:00]

-- Dorothy Hamilton on It's More Than Food

"The best flavors are coming from local, sustainable agriculture. When I opened my restaurant, I knew that had to be a part of my mission statement." [19:45]

-- Maria Hines on It's More Than Food